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Your chance to beat cardiovascular diseases before they arise
Price399 $

Do you run in the morning to exercise your heart?
Eat healthy foods? Or do you already take medication?

And how well is it working for you?
With «Angioscan» you see the real benefits
of a healthy lifestyle, receiving information
about your well-being, and the chance to
yourself from vascular diseases in real time.

429 USD worldwide delivery
Every fourth citizen of Planet suffers from hypertension. And every other person has a cardiovascular disease that «steals» 10 years of a person’s life. 80% of the causes of sudden death – coronary heart disease.
«Angioscan» reveals the initial changes in blood vessels, and it helps to assess the risks, monitors the healing process and much more. This device was developed for healthy individuals, and for those who are undergoing treatment.
Visually see positive results in the form of graphs and indicators important to both the healthy and the sick. Positive results always motivate and bring success.
  1. Does your body have enough oxygen?

    Indicator of oxygen saturation below 95% - is a reason to see a doctor.

  2. How worn is your body?

    The smaller the biological age of blood vessels , the lower the chance of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even impotence.

  3. Risk of atherosclerosis and hypertension

    The elasticity of blood vessels – important indicator of health. The higher – the less risk of heart attack and stroke.

  4. Hardening of your blood vessels

    High rigidness/hardness of blood vessels indicates the risk of cerebral and kidney vessels.

  5. Wellness

    Rapid pulse – rapid «deterioration» of the heart. «Heart watchers» and those who look after their health, it is important to control the rate of the pulse.

  6. Your resistance to stress

    The lower the level of stress, the better you adapt to different stimuli and hardships – emotional, physical, temperature fluctuations.

Price399 $
Diseases of the cardiovascular system have become an epidemic. Nearly every family has someone who has a cardiovascular disease. About half of Americans (47%) In the area of risk.
429 USD worldwide delivery

Long before your heart starts to hurt
3-5 years before symptoms start to show and before the deterioration of blood vessels at an early stage when changes are still reversible. You will learn about the risks that may be done to your health, and thus you will be able to avoid them.

At any time
Now, to identify the risks, you wouldn’t need to go anywhere. The test is fast, simple, and easy to use. Give yourself only 2 minutes, and you will know your condition instantly. Straightforward and simple to use – placing the device on your finger is enough.

For the whole family
The device can be used by you, and your parents. Take care of them – receive detailed reports on the condition of the cardiovascular system of each family member. All of the data is stored in the memory of the device in the form of graphs. Data is easy to track, and to spot deterioration.

Visually Dynamic
For each parameter a graph is displayed, by which you can track your condition. Then, the data can be formed into a table, and printed. Results got better? Then, you’re doing everything right! Results got worse? A reason to see your doctor.

With Multiple Indicators
The device analyzes several parameters, including individual characteristics of a person, allowing the functional tests to determine the risk of having a cardiovascular diseases.

Detailed Recommendations
For diet, lifestyle, stress, and additional inspection of test results, simply connect the device to your computer and you will receive recommendations in an accessible form.

Healthy Individuals:

To insure that you are healthy, and to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Risk groups:

Those who smoke, who live an unhealthy lifestyle, those not involved in sports, those who are overweight, with high cholesterol and pressure – receive a chance to see a doctor at an early stage of a disease, and thus maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pregnant women:

Detects in advance the risks of possible kidney problems in the last trimester of pregnancy.


Those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, erectile dysfunction
-Angioscan helps to control how drugs act, and avoiding complications.


May select the optimal rate to train, and determine the need and duration of breaks to restore a normal heart rate.

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While sitting down with your arm at a right angle, similar to how you would measure your pulse, fasten device to the end of your index finger, and begin the test. For two minutes, sit relaxed, do not move, and breathe evenly. Once the test is complete, you may see your results.

Connect the device to your computer, and get detailed recommendations: How to set up the device for testing? How to compare the results? How to prepare for the test? What specifics to keep in mind, so that the test would be most accurate. Also, indicated in the following instructions.

Two minute test
Test once a week
Data is kept in the device for 10 people
Up to 1000 tests in the memory of a single device
The company «Angioscan» was established in 2011, and it has been a participant and resident of Techpark «Skolkovo» since January of 2013. Swiftly develops and manufactures mobile devices – that diagnose and monitor the effectiveness of treatment for socially significant diseases. In two years, «Angioscan» developed and introduced 6 new medical devices on the basis of a unique method of assessing arterial function, as well as two types of dosimeters.
The device for the use at home, «Angioscan»:
  • Finalist and winner of the Skolkovo Foundation competition for the creation of a «mobile diagnostic device»
  • Received the support of the State Fund for promotion of small enterprises in the scientific and technical field (Bortnik Fund)
  • Praised by RBC experts in the form of internships at Silicon Valley (USA)
  • Finalist at the IBM Smart Camp and won the «Audiences’ Choice IBM».
This device has been praised by the leading centers of Russia and is used by:
I.M. Sechenov, First Moscow State Medical University
Russian National Medical Research University
Endocrinology Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian National Medical Research University, Pirogov
Hematological Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
Clinic МЕDSI
Center for medical products and technologies «Vega»
Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology
Health Center, Research Institute Profmedicine
«Astromed» - Clinic at the Institute of Space Instrument Engineering
Hospital Academy of Sciences
Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, Bakuleva Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Urology
Cardiology Research Institute. Myasnikov
Price399 $
Lead a healthy lifestyle and care for yourself. «Angioscan» will show result of your efforts that you moved to health and longevity.
429 USD worldwide delivery


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Diseases of the cardio-vascular system have become an epidemic. There is at least one in every family who has the disease.
Don’t become a number for statistics.