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AngioScan is a vascular and heart conditions early diagnostic tool. The data obtained during the analysis allows us to determine the alarming symptoms of cardiovascular diseases 5 to 6 years before their onset, giving you the opportunity to take timely action and delay the disease for 10-30 years.

AngioScan is the world’s first healthy lifestyle digital motivator.
Decided to quit bad habits, start eating right and be more active?
Watch your heart and vascular conditions improve real time..

Price365 $
What does AngioScan analyze?

In just 2 minutes you will receive measured indicators of the following parameters?

  • Arterial wall stiffness
  • Type of pulse curve
  • Vascular age
  • Stress Sympathetic Nervous System Index
  • Blood oxygen concentration
  • Heart rate
  • The program will evaluate each of the parameters and their values against those standards of typical for your age group and, if necessary, will refer you to contact a specialist.

    The program will also save all of the measurements and will produce graphs for further analysis.

    399 USD worldwide delivery
    How AngioScan 01MP works:
    The basis of this screening method is the photoplethysmographic principle of recording a volume pulse wave.
    This method is used in professional cardiology and resuscitation equipment. It is the same devices that are used in the movies to allow us to hear the sound of a patient’s cardiac arrest at the hospital, usually followed by the cliche phrase "We’re losing him".
    But worry you not! Our device has been created so that you enjoy and live your life for a very long time :)
    AngioScan - will become your healthy lifestyle motivator.

    Decided to give up alcohol, smoking, fatty, sweet, and other unhealthy food? You want to be more active or maybe even go to the gym? AngioScan - will become your "cardio weights". The vascular age parameter used in the device will immediately respond to even a small effort on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

    People rarely notice a change in the mirror, or when getting on the scales. They give up, thinking that what they did was in vain. Improving the heart blood vessels health parameters available in a beautiful graphical form will keep you going and support you on the right path, not allowing to stop. It will help to achieve your goal!

    AngioScan against severe diseases

    Regular Angioscan device testing will provide an opportunity not to miss the alarming symptoms and save you from the consequences of dangerous diseases and conditions like:

    • Heart failure
    • Coronary heart disease
    • Hypertonic disease
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Diabetes
    • Pre-stroke and Pre-Infarction Condition
    • Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)


    More about the parameters
    • Vessel elasticity and aortic stiffness.A decrease in the elasticity of the vessels, and in particular of our main artery, the aorta, is the very first alarming sign of diseases such as atherosclerosis, stenosis, and arterial hypertension.
      With a body cholesterol increases, and deficiency or excess of glucose, reduced level of calcium, the walls of our vessels and the aorta rapidly begin to become more rigid.
      AgioScan can assess the level of vessel and aortic stiffness. Poor vascular stiffness indicators are a signal to consult a doctor.
      This assessment is extremely important for patients with arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) since a further increase in stiffness and loss of elasticity can lead to a stroke or heart attack.
    • Vascular age is a microcirculation system evaluation. Blood microcirculation is the body’s most important parameter that determines the extent of the cardiovascular system deterioration. It is on the proper functioning of the blood microcirculation system that the of the heart endurance depends.
      As the age of blood vessels increases, so does the likelihood of pre-stroke and pre-infarction conditions, erectile dysfunction, heart failure, and diabetes.
      High vascular age can be combated by combining antioxidant therapy, vitamins, and a healthy lifestyle.
    • Pulse wave type is one of the most visible parameters of the heart. There are 3 types of pulse waves: A, B, and C.
      Pulse curve A is typical for the elderly ( 60 years and older). This type of curve observed in people younger than 60 indicates an increase in stiffness of large arteries. Permanent registration of this type of waves in persons younger than 60 is a recommendation to see a specialist.
      Pulse curve B is is typical for people of age 40 and older. In younger people, it may indicate a a high vascular tone and / or an increase in stiffness of large arteries, which is also an alarming signal.
      Pulse curve C indicates elasticity of the arterial wall. It is typical for people aged 18 to 35 years old.
    • Stress level reflects the ability of your body to adapt to changing environmental conditions.
      In other words, it is an essential indicator that shows how resistant your body is to emotional and physical stress, temperatures and environmental changes, and any other irritating effects.
    • Oxygen level in the blood, or degree of blood saturation with oxygen shows how much hemoglobin in the body is bound with oxygen.
      Normally, almost all hemoglobin is bound with oxygen, while the saturation index varies in the range from 96% to 99%. A decrease in the blood oxygen level below 96% can be observed in severe diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
    About the developer

    AngioScan was established in 2011. It develops and manufactures mobile devices for early express diagnostics and monitoring the effectiveness of treating socially significant diseases.
    Over the past two years, AngioScan has developed and implemented 6 new medical devices based on a unique method for assessing arterial function, as well as 2 types of dosimeters.

    399 USD worldwide delivery
    AngioScan-01MP - Technical Data
    Product Name:
    Single-channel diagnostic device for analysis of cardiovascular system ANGIOSCAN-01M
    Delivery Set:
    Hardware: ANGIOSCAN-01M device, photoplethysmography sensor(1 unit), USB cable, PC (optional)
    Software: CD-ROM with AngioScan Personal software and USB drivers for PC
    Regulating Documents:
    Technical Requirements: TU 9442-001-305770000090620-2008
    Certificate of Compliance: № ROSS RU.0001.11ИМ25 from 27.03.2009
    Registration Certificate: FCR № 2008/03976 from 26.12.2008
    Number of inputs for photoplethysmography sensor connection: 1
    Allowable range of operating temperature: +20 .. +40 °C
    Allowable range of relative humidity: 20% .. 80%
    Power supply: USB port of a PC
    Supply voltage: +5 VDC
    Power Consumption: < 200 мА
    Potential Risk Class: 2a
    USB port connector type: USB Type B
    Sensor connection type: Redel
    Maximum weight (without sensors): 0.5 Kg
    Device enclosure size: 102 x 70 x 24 mm
    Specification of Analog to Digital Conversion:
    Conversion accuracy, bits: 16
    Sampling rate: 1000 Hz
    Sensor valid output frequency range: 3 .. 120 kHz
    PC Hardware requirements:
    Type of PC or Laptop: IBM PC compatible
    Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit only)
    Processor Intel P4 and above
    RAM: From 1 GB
    Display: 1024 x 768, 256 colors
    HDD space: 50 Mb
    Drive: CD-ROM
    USB port: USB Port Type A
    399 USD worldwide delivery


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    Diseases of the cardio-vascular system have become an epidemic. There is at least one in every family who has the disease.
    Don’t become a number for statistics.