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Diagnostic device for analysis of artery wall state.
Price1690 $
Single-channel version of AngioScan device.

AngioScan-01M is a simplified version of AngioScan-01. It has only one channel for photoplethysmography sensor connection and does not take occlusion test for assessment of the state of endothelial function. All other functions of AngioScan-01M are totally identical to AngioScan-01.

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How AngioScan 01M works:
The basis of this screening method is the photoplethysmographic principle of recording a volume pulse wave.
This method is used in professional cardiology and resuscitation equipment. It is the same devices that are used in the movies to allow us to hear the sound of a patient’s cardiac arrest at the hospital, usually followed by the cliche phrase "We’re losing him".
But worry you not! Our device has been created so that you enjoy and live your life for a very long time :)

The main objective of AngioScan-01M development was to develop a cheaper version of the device for Medical Professionals. AngioScan-01M was specially designed for those cases when the occlusive test is either not necessary or impossible due to the restrictions on testing time.

The same AngioScan software is used as a PC support program both for a single-channel AngioScan-01M and dual-channel AngioScan-01. AngioScan software automatically recognizes a single-channel device connection and blocks the performance of occlusion test. All other functionalities of the software are available with no restrictions.

AngioScan-01M - Specification
Product Name:
Single-channel diagnostic device for analysis of cardiovascular system ANGIOSCAN-01M
Delivery Set:
Hardware: ANGIOSCAN-01M device, photoplethysmography sensor(1 unit), USB cable, PC (optional)
Software: CD-ROM with AngioScan Personal software and USB drivers for PC
Regulating Documents:
Technical Requirements: TU 9442-001-305770000090620-2008
Certificate of Compliance: № ROSS RU.0001.11ИМ25 from 27.03.2009
Registration Certificate: FCR № 2008/03976 from 26.12.2008
Number of inputs for photoplethysmography sensor connection: 1
Allowable range of operating temperature: +20 .. +40 °C
Allowable range of relative humidity: 20% .. 80%
Power supply: USB port of a PC
Supply voltage: +5 VDC
Power Consumption: < 200 мА
Potential Risk Class: 2a
USB port connector type: USB Type B
Sensor connection type: Redel
Maximum weight (without sensors): 0.5 Kg
Device enclosure size: 102 x 70 x 24 mm
Specification of Analog to Digital Conversion:
Conversion accuracy, bits: 16
Sampling rate: 1000 Hz
Sensor valid output frequency range: 3 .. 120 kHz
PC Hardware requirements:
Type of PC or Laptop: IBM PC compatible
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit only)
Processor Intel P4 and above
RAM: From 1 GB
Display: 1024 x 768, 256 colors
HDD space: 50 Mb
Drive: CD-ROM
USB port: USB Port Type A
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Diseases of the cardio-vascular system have become an epidemic. There is at least one in every family who has the disease.
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